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FTP Task++

Native to SSIS
Secure FTP (SFTP) for SSIS
Enhanced FTP functionality compared to Microsoft's stock FTP component
Delete from non-Windows FTP Servers (Unix)
Wildcard support (*.pdf, log*.*, download??.txt etc..)
Combine operations like (Download and delete remote files, overwrite destination) in 1 step
Support for SSIS Logging providers
Reports FTP Progress
Reports Sent Commands
Auto Resume on Failure
Graphical User Interface
Did we mention it was completely free!
Reporting features support display in the command output window and the SSIS progress window and support standard SSIS log providers.

RowCount ++

RowCount++ is a free SSIS Data Flow component used to natively log record counts processed. RowCount++ comes in handy because logging record counts is not available out of the box. Microsoft’s stock Row Count component in SSIS allows you to save row counts in a variable but doesn’t have the ability to read custom data from variables and persist it using any of the SSIS logging providers.

The component fires an OnRowCount event that can be consumed by the SSIS engine. When the component finishes counting records from all input buffers it checks if the OnRowCount  event was selected, which is the default behavior. The event is fired and can be captured by SSIS. You can capture the event using any of the log providers as with the OnError event.