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Download FTP Task++ FTP Task++ is a free SSIS Task that among other functionality gives you SFTP for SSIS. FTP Task ++ created to overcome both limitations of Microsoft’s stock FTP Task and erroneous behavior specifically with (Unix) non-Windows FTP Servers.

What makes FTP Task ++ so special?

  • Native to SSIS
  • Secure FTP (SFTP) and FTP
  • Delete from non-Windows FTP Servers (Unix)
  • Wildcard support (*.pdf, log*.*, download??.txt etc..)
  • Combine operations like (Download and delete remote files, overwrite destination) in 1 step instead of using multiple FTP tasks
  • Support for SSIS Logging providers
  • Reports FTP Progress
  • Reports Sent Commands
  • Auto Resume on Failure
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Did we mention it was completely free!
Reporting features support display in the command output window and the SSIS progress window and support standard SSIS log providers.

I've read enough, take me to the download page

How to use

FTP Task++ is used in the control flow as any other stock control flow task.

Double click on the task to bring up its properties and customize its behavior.

Fig 1: Connection Tab

Fig 2: Operation Tab


To install the component, run the installer (MSI)


Fig 3: Installation

I've read enough, take me to the download page

Setup a development environment to use the component.

To add it to your toolbox in BIDS, right click on the toolbox and click on “Choose Items”

Fig 4: Visual Studio Toolbox, adding FTP Task++

From there, click on the “SSIS Control Flow Items” tab and select FTP Task++ from the list of components.

Fig 5: Visual Studio SSIS Control Flow Items, adding FTP Task++

FTP Task++ will appear in the toolbox when in the control flow tab.


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