Row Count++

RowCount++ is a free SSIS Data Flow component used to natively log record counts processed. RowCount++ comes in handy because logging record counts is not available out of the box. Microsoft’s stock Row Count component in SSIS allows you to save row counts in a variable but doesn’t have the ability to read custom data from variables and persist it using any of the SSIS logging providers.

The component fires an OnRowCount event that can be consumed by the SSIS engine. When the component finishes counting records from all input buffers it checks if the OnRowCount  event was selected, which is the default behavior. The event is fired and can be captured by SSIS. You can capture the event using any of the log providers as with the OnError event.

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How to use Row Count++  in a sample data flow

1. Drop RowCount++ in-between you source and destination.

Figure 1: RowCount++ in SSIS Package

2. Use SSIS Logging to capture the OnRowCount event just as you would for a regular OnError event.

Figure 2: RowCount++ SSIS Configuration

I've read enough, take me to the download

To install the component, run the installer project (MSI).

How to setup a development environment

1. To add it to your toolbox in BIDS (Visual Studio), right click on the toolbox and click on “Choose Items”

Figure 3: RowCount++ in Visual Studio Toolbox

2. From there, click on the “SSIS Data Flow Items” tab and select RowCount++ from the list of components.

Figure 4: RowCount++ Visual Studio Toolbox: Add Items

3. RowCount++ will appear in the toolbox when in the data flow tab

Download RowCount++ for SSIS

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